The future of online corporate travel booking, SABSCorporate will revolutionise the way corporate travellers book online.

SABSCorporate takes online corporate travel booking to the next level. The system’s unique design consolidates all of your preferred GDS, Rail, Hotel and Taxi providers into one simple to use web-based self-booking tool. In order to give the end user all the information required to make the most cost effective reservation, the unique holistic costing facility calculates:

Fares + fees + applicable rebates + CO2 + man hour costs
= most cost effective reservation

The intelligent packaging facility then searches all suppliers and dynamically packages together the most cost effective flight or train, hotel and taxi whilst taking into consideration corporate policy, carbon cost, man-hour cost and corporate governance.

Benefits of SABSCorporate - Single sign-on access, search and book
- Best price identification
- Rail multi-ticket type searches
- Off-peak rail travel promotion
- Closest hotel-to-office search
- Corporate travel policy enforcement
- True ‘holistic’ trip cost overview
- Linked expense management
- Linked group and conference event booking
- Online conferencing
- Inclusive MIS reporting

Coupled with MICROS Travel’s process and ticketing automation systems, you really can
achieve a true ‘touchless’ booking-to-fulfilment process.

Link to SABSCorporate @ MICROS-Travel

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