myCreations is MICROS’s flexible and modular product development solution for retailers and manufacturers. It has been designed to help in the design, development, validation and delivery of consumer goods, quickly and safely. It is a flexible, modular-based solution that covers all aspects of product development from the idea through to life-cycle management and supply chain traceability. Top grocery retailers rely on myCreations in the development and protection of over 150,000 consumer goods annually, through a collaborative environment of 25,000 users across 6,500 suppliers and partners.

Improves collaboration
myCreations enables retailers and manufacturers to work on the same system simultaneously and in real-time, which provides users with more visibility early on in the process and reduces time to market significantly. It reduces the time taken to respond to incidents by up to 90% and cuts internal administration time across the supply chain by an average of 24%.

Modular-based solution:

  • Product development and life-cycle management
  • Recipe and specification management
  • Retailer own-brand specification and brand protection
  • Manufacturer, supplier and ingredient specification management
  • Manufacturer-supplied traceability of materials
  • Supplier audit and approval management
  • Quality assurance and traceability of materials through the supply chain

Key Benefits:

  • Full supply chain collaboration
  • Single source of supply chain information and data
  • Single point of access and integration
  • Optimised efficiency for faster distribution of data and speed to market
  • Greater due diligence, product safety and supply chain security
  • Real-time visibility, management and control
  • Improved data accuracy, quality and accessibility
  • Supports organisational growth by allowing further applications to be developed and integrated


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