Material Management System (MMS)

Materials Management System (MMS) - a real-time fleet-wide inventory and consumables management system available both at an individual shipboard level and at a cruise line’s headquarters, across a fleet of vessels, enabling complete and constant central control of all consumables.

Easily integrated with the Company’s SPMS, Materials Management System provides minute-by-minute tracking of sales and stocks and offers significant opportunities to raise procurement efficiency. Already live on 14 cruise ships and in five cruise line headquarters, MMS is generating significant interest from cruise lines. Purchasing staff and their managers ashore now have complete and constant information through Fidelio Cruise’s Materials Management software.

Real-time data transfer, including all point-of-sale information, provides the basis for a whole new approach to materials management both at sea and onshore.

MMS features include:
Real-time inventory tracking across a fleet of ships;

The Article Manager is the system by which every consumable item on board a cruise vessel or throughout a cruise fleet is identified, coded and described in terms of weight, number, cost price and sales price. It is easy to set up, multi-lingual, multi-currency and convertible into all relevant units. Codes are assigned by a user or by the system itself.

Unlike other materials management software, once the Article Manager has been established onboard one vessel, or at a cruise line’s headquarters, it is immediately and readily available across a whole cruise fleet. Thus, through IDEA’s sophisticated data transfer technology, the system prevents duplication of effort and therefore saves time and money.

To make the set-up process even simpler, Fidelio offers its own Article Manager template as a basis from which cruise lines can adapt their own categories and consumables listing.

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