Crew Management System (CMS)

The management of human resources is a growing challenge for cruise lines. Labour costs are one of the heaviest overheads and rise each year. As vessels increase in size and the global supply of suitable labour comes under increasing pressure, lines must source their personnel more widely.

Based on Fidelio Cruise's already-proven crew handling functionality and as an add-on to the company’s Fleet Management System (FMS), the newly developed Crew Management System (CMS) serves both ship and shore operations.

The system addresses every aspect of crew management. Its Human Resource function tracks recruitment, terminations and re-employment, promotions and demotions, appraisals and disciplinaries, personal data and occupational position, and movement history.

The Crew Scheduling feature helps to ensure that the most suitably qualified crew members are automatically selected for particular assignments whilst potential candidates for occupational officer positions can also be proposed. Leave entitlements are automatically calculated.

Crew Payroll management is another key element of the software. Based on the Company’s Ship’s Property Management System application, it is designed to handle all components of earnings, including wages, overtime, bonuses, incentives and allowances, as well as storing deductions. Multiple payroll cycles and frequencies are supported. Temporary or permanent pay changes are tracked. Standardised pay scales and ranges are incorporated and seniority scale points are maintained.

The accurate storage of data ashore and onboard ship leads to dramatic efficiency improvements, simplifying procedures and allowing more effective crew scheduling. Scope for human error is virtually eliminated and crew members’ data follow them from ship to ship. This facilitates accurate and more efficient human resource management.

CMS features include:

  • Simplified crew scheduling
  • Comprehensive recruitment procedures including experience, training and certificate checks
  • Cabin allocation assists optimal berthing arrangements
  • Automatic storage of all crew safety and operational certification, with expiry warnings
  • Multiple payrolls in different currencies and varying pay intervals
  • Automatic travel bookings through an appropriate travel gateway interface
  • A comprehensive employment record for each individual available ashore and onboard ship
  • System mobility, allowing an individual’s records to follow him or her from ship to ship

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