Travel Suite

The travel authorisation process is one of the most time-consuming processes involved in
corporate travel. Surveys indicate that companies spend an average of 46 minutes on the reservation process from the initial traveller request to receipt of ticket and itinerary. When trips are authorised manually (using forms) 16 minutes are added to this process.

AirWebAuthorizer automates the cumbersome process associated with reviewing and authorising employee travel. Prior to ticketing, the authorising manager receives an e-mail notification with a direct link to a secure website. There, the manager(s) can view all staff requests or an individual traveller’s itinerary to determine if the trip(s) should proceed.

AirWebAuthorizer streamlines travel authorisation procedures whilst cutting costs and improving efficiency:

  • Maximum control over travel policy compliance
  • Real-time processing
  • GDS independent
  • Single point or hierarchical authorisation